English translations of Basman Ben-Hayim’s poetry

I have translated some of the poems that the poet recites on this blog. In time, I will post them. Meantime, all translations of Basman Ben-Hayim’s poems are most welcome. If there are other translations not mentioned here, please feel free to make them known.

English Translations of Basman Ben-Hayim’s poetry not mentioned in “My Desert is Hotter”):

1. Stones Bloom – Translation found in Pakn Treger

2.. In the book Trot Bay Trot: Contemporary Yiddish Poetry (Bemporad and Pascucci, eds) Firenze, 2009, there are Yidddish poems on one side and my English tranlations of them on the opposite side, pp. 40-57. (If I can get the publisher’s permission, I will scan them here.)

3. Kathryn Hellerstein and I jointly published a translation of “grinkaytn”, greenesses. It  can be found in  Nashim, no. 19, spring 2010, pp. 174-175.

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