an as-yet unpublished poem

What follows is my translation of an as-yet unpublished poem. When I asked the poet why this poem was not included in her new book, she told me it was not intentional. It simply got left out.

This poem is just one example of Basman Ben-Haim’s profound exploration of the nature of time. It comes to my mind when I think of my parents, no longer alive, but very much still with me.  Here is my English translation:

About That Refrain

I’m reminded of the song’s refrain:

“What was, is past and is gone”-

And I don’t agree.

What was, is with us still.

It’s clothed differently,

has a different look

in a different venue.

And yet, in the depths

of feelings and words,

in the most concealed spot,

the gentle touch courses on

as a drop of elixir does with life

which encourages a step

and forgets a tear.

In the deepest reach­ –

All that was,

still breathes in me.



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  1. This poem is given later in my blog and the original Yiddish has been provided,

  2. Linda Gritz says:

    Wonderful! Would you please provide the Yiddish text? Thank you!

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