The Thirteenth Hour

2016 saw the publication of yet another dual-language collection of Basman Ben-Haim’s poetry. ¬†This time it was a Yiddish-English collection entitled, “The Thirteenth Hour”. The book’s publisher is MayApple Press, and the English translations are mine. The title of the book was taken from one of the poet’s Yiddish books, a book ¬†written after the death of the poet’s husband. The expression is used to mean “not timely”. However the poet intended it, my own feeling was for all that the English-speaking world waited a long time for a book of Basman Ben-Haim’s poetry in English, I was delighted that the poet lived to see the publication of a book that could reach a wider audience.

Here is a link to the web-page for that book:

The Thirteenth Hour – Rivka Basman Ben-Haim, translated from the Yiddish by Zelda Kahan Newman

I was invited to speak at the Library of Congress about the poet, her work and my book. Here is a link to the web-cast of that talk:

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